Oct 20th 2019

Join us for “Connection + Intention” with Najee-Zaid Searcy, organized by Rhonda Wheatley. Brunch included.

In this workshop participants will connect internally and amongst each other using tools of sound, words, rhythm, and guided stillness + movement exercises. Participants are encouraged to prepare for this workshop by being exactly who they are.

Najee-Zaid Searcy is a trained facilitator working in the field of arts and culture programming using his background in interdisciplinary art. As a facilitator Najee-Zaid was trained through Illinois Humanities Council via the Covey Group. He has worked collaboratively to create and fulfill programming for and with Yollcalli Arts Reach, Three-Walls, Illinois Humanities Council, #Letusbreathecollective, and the Chicago Park District. Najee-Zaid works as an audio professional alongside organizations such as Open Television, SB Gamble Productions, and International Anthem Recording Company, as both a consultant and engineer for film, web, video, recorded sound, and live sound work. . Najee-Zaid employes strategies of dedicated collaboration, effective visioning, and organic organizing in order to present work which stands strong and is useful to those attracted to the work. Overall Najee-Zaid uses his experiences to reinforce growth in entrepreneurial behaviors and practices amongst participants and collaborators.


Justice Hotel at 6018North at 6018NORTH is a 5-room hotel created in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial from September 18, 2019 to January 5, 2020. We invite you to “check in” to justice. Developed with a collective of ALAANA concierge-curators, the communal hotel’s programming (included in the stay) consists of conversational dinners, performances, and healing services.
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