Oct 13th 2019

Join us for “Inviting the Medicine: Eight Steps to Finding Empowerment Through Vocal Release” with Laura Sangeeta Biagi, Ph.D., organized by Rhonda Wheatley. Brunch included.

“Inviting the Medicine” refers to the capacity of a person’s voice to heal; it is an invitation to claim and honor one’s calling by expressing one’s true self without shame.

ITM (Inviting the Medicine) is a holistic method that Dr.B has been developing for over twenty years through my study and practice of performance studies, voice studies, yoga, and leadership. This workshop encourages participants to connect in check-ins, warm ups, vocal release exercises, full body improvisation and harmonization. Bring a water bottle, pen and paper; wear comfortable clothes you can move and stretch in.

Laura Sangeeta Biagi, Ph.D. (aka Dr.B), is an intercultural and interdisciplinary voice artist, educator, nada yoga teacher, and wellness coach. Her research and work weave contemplative practices with socially engaged storytelling to help people honor their true calling. Dr.B’s method, Inviting the Medicine (ITM) focuses on the power of one’s voice to uncover and release tension, and to harmonize with others. She has taught and performed it in yoga centers, universities, hospitals, and jails in New York, Chicago, Florence, Milan, and Berlin. Her TED talk, “Reimagine Failure: Breathe, Belong, Believe,” is a personal exploration of the power of words to shape the perception of reality, and gain authorship over one’s life story. Dr.B is a full-time faculty in The Theatre School at DePaul University, in Chicago. For more information, follow Dr.B’s on Instagram @mywildestvoice


Justice Hotel at 6018North is a 5-room hotel created in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial from September 18, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

We invite you to “check in” to justice. Developed with a collective of ALAANA concierge-curators, the communal hotel’s programming (included in the stay) consists of conversational dinners, performances, and healing services.

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