Oct 27th 2019

Join us for “Mindful Movement: Expanding Awareness through Motion,” with Kiam Marcelo Junio, organized by Rhonda Wheatley.
Brunch included.

Meditation is often practiced in stillness. When we practice mindful attention and focus it in our bodies through simple movements, we can open up new depths of awareness, a feeling of slowed time, and wield power back from the chaos of the external world and into our hands. In this workshop, we will practice mindfulness through gentle movement exercises, self-massage techniques, guided visualization, gentle partner work, and open discussion.

Kiam Marcelo Junio is a licensed massage therapist, holistic healer and interdisciplinary artist. They were born in the Philippines, and have lived in the U.S., Japan, and Spain. Their research and embodied art work center around queering identities, creation myths, Philippine history, herstories, and personal-collective healing through collaborative practices and inner shadow work.

Kiam served seven years in the US Navy as a medical assistant and respiratory therapist. Their experience in oncology, critical care, neonatal, palliative, and emergency military medicine instilled a deep respect for the preciousness of life and the sensitivity of the body.

MAHAL HEALING ARTS is a holistic wellness practice providing personalized healing experiences and wellness tools. Offerings include massage therapy, holistic life coaching, personalized aromatherapy, and Mahal Potions: a line of self-care products handcrafted in small batches with all-natural botanicals.

Kiam’s purpose is rooted in helping people come to a deeply felt understanding of their body, mind, and spirit – the integral self – by cultivating self-knowledge, self-love, and self-expression.

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