Oct 27th 2019

Fugal Systems by Jordan Martins with Angel Bat Dawid and Norman Teague
Sunday, October 27th, 4-7PM
Experimental Station, 6100 S. Blackstone Ave.

Come experience Fugal Systems, an immersive multi-disciplinary performative collage in which live musicians are accompanied by dancers in a building-wide activation of Experimental Station (ES). As the audience, you get to choose how you experience the work, perhaps focusing in on one performance or positioning yourself to hear them all at once. Along the way, you have the unique opportunity to explore ES’s custom-built space and discover the many people, programs, and entities that make up this hub of creativity.

Fugal Systems is an ongoing project by artist Jordan Martins encompassing a variety of performance-based works, including music and sound performances employing various collage tactics in a live exploration of spatial simultaneity. The underlying principle across all iterations is to investigate signal-noise relationships via layers of overlapping sounds throughout an architectural space, drawing attention to the agency held by listeners to affect their experience according to how they choose to move through the environment.

The activation on October 27 represents the largest iteration of this project to date and is created in collaboration with musician Angel Bat Dawid and designer/builder Norman Teague, with project support from Experimental Sound Studio.

Isaiah Collier, saxophones and wind instruments
Jayden Berkman, saxophone
Olivia Harris, cello
Xristian Espinoza, saxophone and auxiliary percussion instruments (some self-built)

Dr. Charles Joseph Smith
Bryonna Young
Cristal Sabbagh

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