Oct 12th 2019

Please join us for a day of special musical performances and art events to celebrate fall at CY!

Current performance line up:

Henry Geraghty: https://henrygeraghty.bandcamp.com/releases
Jessica Mindrum: https://jessicamindrum.bandcamp.com/album/flickering-electric
Circle With Lines https://circlewithlines.bandcamp.com/releases
Jodi Walker https://music.apple.com/us/album/spin-feat-gary-cleland-jenny-bienemann-brian-mahoney/794130714?i=794130721
Madeleine Aguilar: https://soundcloud.com/madeleineaguilar
Mia Pucci https://soundcloud.com/miapucci
Kay Williams
Plus Sign:https://plussignam.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR2Kcsy1i58kyhhVP7NG3lIgvkdg3bIpMkQ3sZToGC6GeR6hRL9iFFUddlM
Keli Stewart
And more TBA

——————————————————————————————————————————-A MODULAR SHOP — RAFFA

Shop Raffa Reuther’s collection of handmade clothing — featuring work coats, overalls, quilted sweaters, wrap sets, queer button downs, and wonky pants. Off the rack & Commission based.

Talk to RAFFA about
How your clothes make you feel
How you like to take up space
A piece of clothing that makes you feel real good
What you wish your clothing did
How this all connects to your identity and why it’s important
How to set up a consultation and custom tailoring session with RAFFA

A MODULAR SHOP is a series of pop up residencies intended to program artists whose work is explicitly for sale, in order to create space in the community to show that craft is absolutely art, and that the things we use in our day to day lives could be much more thoughtful, especially in terms of labor, aesthetics, and concept.

RAFFA will be open the entire month of October at Compound Yellow


Using Chicago Department of Transportation traffic paint Alberto Aguilar will create a four square court on the blacktop of Compound Yellow (CY). CY is a highly active space with many programs happening all at once. What happens when a reinvented version of a classic game becomes a permanent part of the mix? For the opening of the CY iteration of the Terrain Biennial the game will be continuously played for twelve hours switching out players as kings and queens are toppled.

The game will be played for 12 hours from 9AM – 9PM and is open to the public.

The YOURSTUFF Museum is featuring it’s first participant: Chris Santiago.

Show your stuff at the YOURSTUFF MUSEUM at Compound Yellow! The YOURSTUFF MUSEUM is an exhibition at Compound Yellow (Oak Park, IL) where members of the general public are invited to display their personal belongings, collections, knick-knacks, and home objects in a house-museum setting. Opportunities for display of “your stuff” are available between October 2019 to June 2020. Any person who wishes to show their stuff in theYOURSTUFF MUSEUM can choose between 1 and 3 weeks to display their things. Check out our calendar to select the dates for your participation! You can contact Jorge Lucero with any questions or to reserve your exhibition dates atjlucero@illinois.edu . More information is available on at this link.

Untitled (Marquee) is a sculptural installation produced by LTE to celebrate the conclusion of their year-long residency with Compound Yellow. The work takes the form of a theatre-marquee sign which will broadcast messages onto lake street over the course of the Terrain Biennial. Following the close of the biennial, the sign will be turned over to Compound Yellow for future communication with the public.

Double Bind: Can You See Me Now? Is a series of handmade curtains that have been designed for the Shaeffer/Nord family home on the Compound Yellow lot by Raffa Reuther, a nonbinary dyke who makes handmade textiles and clothing focused on shape, identity, and construction. Each window will have a curtain comprised of two panels — facing opposite directions — playing with ideas of inside/outside, changing your perspective, and dimensionality. They will be on view throughout the Terrain Biennial.

Architecture & Urban Design
Teen Program led by Luke Joyner (with Erik Petersen)
Summer 2019 Design/Build Project with Compound Yellow
All Items Constructed at Lathrop Workshop

Over six weeks this summer, 19 teens worked in groups to conceive, design, and build several projects for Compound Yellow. They visited Compound Yellow to meet Laura on the second day of the program, before they even really knew each other, and were immediately drawn in to the place. They brainstormed ideas for the yard, then split into groups based on the projects they most wanted to complete. After a full day of salvaging reclaimed material from an exhibit at the Cultural Center, they spent five or six build days in Lathrop workshop learning to build, and then building, their projects:

1. Swinging Bench (Stephanie Zumba, Victor Carrasco, Massiah Armster, Alejandro Jimenez)
2. Yellow Light (Colin Moran, Evan Meyer, Abraham Martinez)
3. Bulletin Board & Stop Sign (Jasmine VanSomeren, Jacianna Lendor, Alani Barajas, Jessica Chaidez)
4. Modular Stage Components (Nathan Sanchez, Gustavo Diaz, Adelyn Hernandez, Tomiah Westbrook)
5. Tree Ladder Rungs (Jalyn Voss, Kennedy Jones, Rasa Braswell)

Holly Holmes
A Transponder, A Weaving from the trees
4′ x 25′

* Nov. 7th 3-6 on site to talk about work

Multiple Entries: Alberto Aguilar
Broken Bell: Erik Peterson

All We Are Is Heat by Alisa Reith and Matthew Nicholas, public fabric installation on Compound Yellow rooftop

Title credit: Michael Thomas
Dedicated to the memory of our dearest Bill Talsma

Official Website

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