Sep 24th 2019

Please join coordinator, Sierrah Floyd for a night of intentional networking at the Museum and Institutional Practices portion of OFFERING. Scholars, museum administration and academics who are working or interested in working with people that are working at this capacity are encouraged to join us in community and for a small discussion between Felicia Mings and Alejandra Vargas.

Mings is an Academic Curator at the Art Institute of Chicago. The core of Mings’ practice focuses on the intersections between curatorship, community-based arts education, and contemporary art of Africa and the African diaspora. Her most recent exhibition was The People Shall Govern! Medu Arts Ensemble and the Anti-Apartheid Poster, which presented a collection of posters which were invaluable in the struggle against apartheid in order to organize, strategize and mobilize the movement. Alejandra Vargas is a senior in the Art History department at the School of the Art Institute (SAIC). An art historian and curator, Vargas is interested in decorative arts, and design. She is invested in how all cultures decorate and design; it is a vernacular form of creative expression and an important part of human behavior. Recently, she was an Undergraduate Andrew Mellon Curatorial Fellow, where she interned for the department of European Decorative Arts from 2016-2018. She is looking forward to a
career where she can help redefine the importance of these objects, and their global impact, as well as shaping the way they reflect the stories of a museum’s audience.


OFFERING is a series of events which aims to center and realize the different attributes of its participants. It asks participants what skills have they brought with them, what are they missing and what can they gain? Here we ask participants to place themselves in a mindset of openness so that connections, networks and affirmation can form. This space is an opportunity for its occupants to bask in all that they are, all that they aren’t and all that they can become. In this way, OFFERING provides a space of support and acknowledgment of how we are affirmed in what we are able or unable to do this space is invaluable in creating community and the potential for stability, when we act on our entrepreneurial desires.

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