Sep 22nd 2019

Please join us for a discussion with Jinn Bronwen Lee, an Artist in Residence at Rebuild Foundation.

Jinn Bronwen Lee lives and works in Chicago. In her new series of works, Lee thinks through elliptical and ovoid paintings, which focuses on various modes of blindness and tension between duration and location, between a kind of time which always eludes one’s grasp and a kind of space with no actual place. Her paintings are a creation of a mirror space, both “there and not there”, both “here” and “”there”” at once. Her paintings are a duality—clarity and obfuscation, the visible and the invisible, the penumbral and the over-exposed. More than flat continua, Lee posits that these dualities can exist as parallel realities, as cyclical or recurring events, as painting processes that can move at unpredictable rates of return.These anterior forms compress questions on time, and address notions of saturation, circuitry, or blindness. Sight is required for us to make pictures, yet, not all aspects of painting can be built upon what we see on the surface. Lee’s paintings are about asking questions, about finding form through the inchoate and space for persistent parsing to establish a picture as a vision. During her artist talk, she will speak about her studio practice and discuss how she attempts to make structures toward various modes of resistance that can be channeled into painting, perhaps those which cannot be easily signified, yet can be read through experience of a painting.Her work has been featured in 2018 in the exhibition, Moto Ondoso Stabile, at Z2O Sara Zanin Gallery, Rome, and previously in a series of three conceptually linked exhibitions curated by the German painter, Andre Butzer in 2016 and 2017. Respectively, these exhibitions were Die funk soll in dir sein Salon Dahlmann, Berlin; Lob Des Schattens 185 Grand, an abandoned building in the Little Italy neighborhood of New York City; and Back to the Shack Meliksetian Briggs, Los Angeles. In 2015-16, Lee was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome, where her paintings were shown in the Academy’s Cinque Mostre, annual exhibition. Currently she teaches painting at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is the artist in residence at Theaster Gate’s Rebuild Foundation, Chicago.

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