Sep 8th 2019

Jaclyn Jacunski: Dream Additions

@ Riverside Arts Center Freeark Gallery + Sculpture Garden

32 E Quincy St, Riverside, IL 60546

Opening Sunday, September 8th, from 3PM - 6PM

On view through Saturday, November 30th

RAC is pleased to announce Dream Additions, a new installation by Jaclyn Jacunski for the RAC Sculpture Garden.

Jacunski’s installation reassembles a batting cage to merge narratives of public parks, sports and play as a site of friendship and agency. Notes the artist, “the work folds in multiple meanings that go beyond gentrification and systems of capitalist property, to where the possibilities for a non-alienated life could spill into our desire for change in these times of distress and division.”

A chain-link fence is an object devoid of color, scaled-down, and abstracted by repeated patterns. Typically, chain-link is a gritty and sobering architectural object surrounding and dividing private property and vacant lots. This object becomes especially charged when taken out of context. The chain link’s geometric pattern builds a frame to look through, to observe the landscape, speculate, and selectively view what lies beyond.

Jacunski’s steel chain-link makes a framework, a warp and weft that is filled in and woven on the surface with geometric patterns and embellished with light-reflecting colored acrylic, providing a counterweight that mutates perspectives for the viewers who walk through and around the piece.

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