Sep 27th 2019

I need time, joy, space, love

@ Brat Trap

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Opening Friday, September 27th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Friday, October 4th

Art institutions often fall victim to—and serve to reinforce—certain systemic injustices which create inequities in communities and the world at large. A separation exists between the artists whose creativity and career are allowed to flourish at an institution, and the artists for whom art education is less accessible—these formally-trained creativities and the voices behind them become significantly easier to see and hear in the art world.

We might say opportunities for self-taught artists to share and profit from their work are stolen from them by unjust socioeconomic systems; freedom of expression itself is hindered when artists lack the resources from a formal art education needed to reach an audience and grow accordingly.

“I need time, joy, space, love” seeks to offer a platform to non-formally trained artists whose work may otherwise be less accessible and more difficult to discover and enjoy. 15 self-taught, Chicago-based artists come together to display visual, audio, and wearable media from September 27 through October 4 2019. A menu of small plates customized and prepared by Michael Khoshaba will be served at our opening reception on September 27. All are welcome. Formal attire requested.

Please join us—

Opening reception Friday September 27, 6-10pm

We are gathering again Saturday September 28, 6-10pm

The gallery will be on display and available by appointment through Wednesday, October 4.

If you need the address to Brat Trap, please send a quick message to our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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