Sep 27th 2019

The faculty and staff at the University of Chicago believe that the Class of 2023 has the creativity and collaborative capacities to tackle the greatest issues of our time. We are inviting you to join the UChicago Futures Design Challenge. This year’s inaugural topic is “Climate Change.”

The Fourcasters invite you to form teams of 3-5 students each. You will have optional opportunities to prepare in July, August, and September, andreceive personal coaching from University of Chicago faculty, staff, and students. On Friday, September 27, toward the end of Orientation Week, your team will present your proposal, in front of a panel of Fourcaster judges representing a wide range of disciplines, with the chance of winning one of several prizes worth $5,000 total. Your team can turn to any discipline or interdisciplinary approach to prototype and design an intervention into the issue of climate change and present it in a form of your choice.

This is not just a call to scientists. Interdisciplinary problems require interdisciplinary solutions. The design itself could take the form of a device, experiment, program, policy, narrative, performance, curriculum, or game. Any and all approaches drawn from the humanities, arts, social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, and emerging interdisciplinary fields are all welcome. You are only as limited as your imagination!

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