Sep 8th 2019

Join us for the FINAL opening of 12 Openings!
Sunday September 8th: 4pm to 8pm
Closing event of 12 Openings: performances by Jared Brown and Tony Foley 4-6pm
+ end of summer potluck BBQ, 6-8pm!
Bring something to grill, drink, eat and let’s celebrate the end of summer and the beginning an amazing fall!

Part 12: Jared Brown and Tony Foley

Jared Brown:

Title of the Performance: 12 Covers
12 Covers is a response to the Compound Yellow prompt: 12 Openings. Jared Brown has enlisted artist friends to contribute brief examples of a ‘cover’ – musical covers, news coverage, casual text pieces for Jared to recite that aim to function as lids, containers or provide protection from outside contamination.

Artist bio: Jared Brown is an interdisciplinary artist born in Chicago. In recent work, Jared has been broadcasting audio and text based work through the radio (CENTRAL AIR RADIO, 88.5 FM), in live DJ sets, and on social media. They consider themselves a data thief, understanding this role from John Akomfrah’s description of the data thief as a figure that does not belong to the past or present. As a data thief, Jared Brown makes archeological digs for fragments of black American subculture, history and technology. Jared repurposes these fragments in audio, text, and video to investigate the relationship between history and digital, immaterial space. Jared Brown holds a BFA in video from the Maryland Institute College of Art and moved back to Chicago in 2016 in order to make and share work that directly relates to their personal history.

Tony Foley:

Titles: this moves thru me easy = “Calm song”, compassion doesn’t mean forgiveness = “On pain”, color fields: untitled

Tony Foley is an audiovisual poet, performer, and community organizer from Makakilo, Hawai’i. Tony’s work employs emotive color theory and direct language in attempt to sanctify a vibrant healing space. The work often rests between mantra, confession, and poem.

** We are excited to invite you to the last installment of an exhibition entitled 12 Openings, a yearlong experiment in collaborative curation with unpredictable results.

Each month over the past year two artists have been invited to install an artwork in or around the home of Laura Shaeffer, Andrew Nord, and their sons Sebastian and Jasper, making the private public and extending our understanding of home, family, and community. Both artists were then asked to extend the invitation to one more artist to do the same, thus adding two more works, and two more show titles each month. Each new artwork multiplies the connections between the existing artworks and, overall, constructs a cumulative exhibition that subverts the traditional top-down nature of curating exhibitions, replacing it with a model of artist-driven co-curation. The narrative arc of the show is not predetermined, but rather built upon the robust and crisscrossing networks of artists in this collaborative city. 12 Openings showcases the artists that other artists are curious about and allows these connections to shine as the exhibition grows.

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