Aug 9th 2019

Salon des Refusés

@ Towards a Newer Avant-Garde

2102 W 19th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Friday, August 9th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Friday, August 9th

For a long time each of us has felt called out to by a certain need—compelled by the same deep sense of an unknown force, quietly tugging at the strings of our most sensitive nerves. We hear a dissonant sound whose blows remain equally harsh and painful, no matter how distant it becomes.

But promises come with the sparks that shoot down the spine at the first sight or sound or thought of the most scintillating images, when our sensations assume a form that finds its place in the unfeeling world and somehow still returns to us, magnificently unrecognizable. Like labor before the wonders of industry, we stand transfixed behind the deathly gaze of Art, mask of life unlived.

Have we arrived too late at this beginning? Even now its echoes seem to fade and already their time had long since passed. Not only our ears, but our hearts as well are weary. Even our legs refuse us our procession. Do we dare invoke another chorus?

Come, sweet death, come blessed quiet! In heaven it is better, because desire there is greater, so I am always ready to depart. I close my eyes. Come blessed rest!

The song escapes our lips…

Exhibiting Artists | Wesley Gryziak, Luc Boyce, Tatyana Skalany, David Villegas, Stephanie Gomez, Carrie Graham, Ant Morales, Patrick Zapien

Presented by the Platypus Affiliated Society, Towards a Newer Avant Garde

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