Aug 1st 2019

MotherArt Revisited: Interruptions: Workshop and Performance

@ Hairpin Arts Center

2810 N Milwaukee Ave , 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60618

Opening Thursday, August 1st, from 2PM - 4:30PM

On view through Saturday, August 3rd

Thursday, August 1st, 2- 4:30 pm Workshop, and performance with guest artists Angela James and Katherine Young, cost-$20

It’s a mother of a summer and MotherArt: Revisited is bringing the heat! Formed in the 1970s, the original Mother Art Collective served as a platform to highlight the social and political issues that mothers faced. Although times have changed the goals have not, and there is a new generation of mothers bringing the heat and making waves. Then in the summer of 2017, a redux was born; MotherArt: Revisited! This became a collective of women artists dedicated to creating social-political art, particularly through the collective’s personalized issues.

Founder and artist member Jenny Keyser describes the main goal of the collective is to “interrupt and intervene through installations, exhibitions, and written work”. MotherArt: Revisited is a Chicago based collective that spreads its roots cross-country and is setting a precedent in the way mother artists are collaborating and working remotely to create art that is unique, educational and inspiring. In the summer of 2017, MotherArt: Revisited debuted with their installation, “Interruption”, which featured work that focused on interrupting the status quo. “MotherArt: Revisited is a collective with diverse artistic practices and perspectives,” said Laura Drey, a MotherArt: Revisited member. The exhibition Interruptions is curated by artist members Laura Drey, Elisabeth Dzuricsko, Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Jessica Mueller and Kris Schaedig.

The hallmark piece includes a wall-sized video projection of a running washing machine and clothes-lines from which individual Mother Art pieces hang that reference the title “Interruption” Along with the hanging pieces, there is a spoken manifesto and a mother’s voiced concern playing on a loop. Artist member Jessica Mueller said, “This piece is in its second iteration and in the spirit of the original Mother Ar t, and the work they began in the ’70s, MotherArt: Revisited continues with efforts to represent and support mothers’ voices through art.“ Interruptions creates an immersive experience that draws the viewer into the voices represented. Additionally, together Hairpin Art Center , and MotherArt: Revisited will be hosting activities and performances to get you moving, thinking and creating.

Come for one or stay for all! The dates are as follows:

Tuesday, July 30th, 6-7:30 pm Community workshop , cost-$10

Wednesday, July 31st, 6-9 pm Opening reception with collective member performances by Jenny Keyser and Jessica Mueller along with her children Ricardo and Alexandra. Free with donation bar

Thursday, August 1st, 2- 4:30 pm Workshop, and performance with guest artists Angela James and Katherine Young, cost-$20

Friday, August 2nd, 7-9 pm Film screening and discussion of Mother Art Tells Her Story, by Laura Silagi, Suzanne Siegel and Deborah Krall ,cost-$10, donation bar

Saturday, August 3rd, 7-10 pm Closing reception with a performance by guest artist Angela James is free with donation bar


Featured Artists include Marjorie Boyles, Laura Drey, Elisabeth Dzuricsko, Margarita Fainshtein Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Clareese Hill, Beth Iska, Jenny Keyser, Jessica Mueller, Joanne TepperSaffren, Erin Schalk, Kris Schaedig, Galina Shevchenko, Marika Whitaker.

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