Aug 24th 2019

All Star Press is proud to present Brick and Matter, a dual artist show featuring Lauren Asta and Kate Lewis. We are excited to bring together two iconic women muralists and their graphic styles of mural work into the walls our gallery. As the digital age has altered the way we view and interact with art, murals have gained momentum in the way imagery can communicate with its surrounding environment. Both artists work to inspire ways of interaction and reflection as their murals on the outside walls of brick and mortar that hold a permanent, physical presence. This presence is expanded to viewers through their mesmerizing imagery, the art of physical production, and community conversation. Both Asta and Lewis’ artistic mural process works to inspire those to take a step back and celebrate the labor, love, and present moment of admiring art and the world around us that matters.

Lauren Asta is a Chicago based artist and muralist who is currently on tour painting murals across the United States. She is known for her playful imagery of characters, objects, and text that is layered within each other, becoming a fully animated and mesmerizing image. This entrancement of the imagery is executed through process as all her murals are created without a preliminary sketch, and is fluidly painted by free-hand.

Kate Lewis is a Chicago based illustrator and muralist. Her work is most noted for the fine-lined illustrations of iconic and historic architecture as well as graphic murals and vibrant color palettes. As her highly detailed line work builds up larger representations, the use of negative space and abstraction also provoke contemplation from viewers.

Join us for the opening of Brick & Matter on Saturday, August 24th from 6-10pm at All Star Press in Chicago, IL

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