Aug 24th 2019

Jimmy Bulosan: EMIC ETIC EMIC

@ Rizal Community Center

1332 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60613

Opening Saturday, August 24th, from 4PM - 8PM

On view through Sunday, August 25th

“Emic to etic to emic” is a collection of works by Jimmy Bulosan that represent the complicated self-reflective process of reality testing when it comes to identity formation. The work acts as conduits to edit and distill for edification. In capturing moments and reassembling them in this installation, the complications of intersecting and diverging tropes comes to the fore. Delving into the anthropological approaches of emic and etic, the work represents internal and external explorations and the relationships that might unfold within that spectrum. Ultimately the work cycles through the possible facets of being.

Along with the work will be a community lechon meal followed by make your own Halo Halo.

@ The Rizal Community Center
1332 W Irving Park Rd

Saturday Aug 24th, 2019

Jimmy Bulosan’s art represents explorations of history, place, and self in liminal spaces using clay as an access point to deconstruct and develop expanding rhizomes. His work serves as a representation of culture both transient and permanent. Truths existing from passed tales of fact and fiction. Whether real or imagined, respecting all as creators of the present.

This path is borne out of discord and development of identity. Jimmy, like many others, exist in a gray area. Born and raised in America from immigrant parents, leading to a floating like cultural experience. A state of being where there is a constant negotiation of dealing with the complexities of shifting schemas revolving around converging and diverging identities. Jimmy Bulosan’s work is indicative of this struggle. Clay as a material acts as a veritable vessel inhabiting these ideas in a very tangible way. With every touch and interaction, the clay holds these memories as a solidified truth.

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