Aug 23rd 2019

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve made it through some of the most brutal, transformative astrology of 2019 (itself a brutal and transformative year). Welcome to the other side. Do you know who you are? As summer gives way to fall, we are gifted with opportunities to use what we have learned and move forward in our lives, but it will not be without challenge and disruption. You’ll find that some shoes just don’t fit anymore. It’s time to say thank you, and let them go. Meanwhile, we are blessed with new connections, new projects and new opportunities. Are you ready? Overwhelmed? It’s okay, you can be both. Let’s talk about it.

6pm, August 23rd at Space Oddities, astrologer and witch Cy Ozgood of Milwaukee, WI will be leading a healing discussion circle & ritual on the themes of moving forward through transformative energy and receiving the gifts of Virgo season even while we’re still processing what has recently passed through us. The event will consist of a talk about the energies of the summer and fall, time for journaling (bring a notebook & pen!) and discussion, and a short guided ritual.

Cy’s work can be found on their Instagram: @silencemerryroads or Facebook page: Silence Merry Roads


Tickets are available through Square:

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