Aug 3rd 2019

Aay Preston-Myint: Wormhole

@ Adler & Floyd

3537 S Western Blvd, #5, Chicago, IL 60609

Opening Saturday, August 3rd, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, August 31st

Adler & Floyd is pleased to present: Wormhole: Aay Preston-Myint

Wormhole is a series of prints and drawings that uses gestures and marks taken from comic books to denote things that don’t have a physical presence, such as energy, sound, thought, and motion.

This is a visual departure from his recent drawings which depict empty dance clubs, gay bars, and leather/sex clubs. However, there is a conceptual link in terms of the spaces that hold bodies, as well as the disembodied self. This is more obvious in formal terms and less obvious in terms of his personal motives for this subject matter as a person existing at different intersections of invisibility and hyper-visibility.

‘Wormhole’ also works as a container for his practice in general, which focusses on places of gathering and emptiness as sites to project the self to access political, personal, and metaphorical lineages across space and time. The work uses the crude and reductive visual language of comic books to depict these representationally complex ideas.

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