Jul 28th 2019

Wxmbspace Craft Circles: “Make Your Own Teddy Bear” Circle & “Adorn Your Porcelain Doll” Circle

Wxmbspace Project is holding two craft circles at ACRE Projects Gallery this Sunday, July 28th, from noon to 7pm.

The first circle, “Make Your Own Teddy Bear” (from noon-3:30pm) celebrates the life-birthing capacity of the womb. Participants will learn how to make a teddy bear out of fabric. This can be great gifts for loved ones who have been birthed through the womb.

The second circle, “Adorn Your Porcelain Doll” (from 3:30pm-7pm) commemorates the loss of life that occurs in the womb. This circle is inspired by the Japanese custom of mizuko kuyo, which allows for a safe public space to commemorate the loss of life that occurs in the womb. In this circle, participants will adorn a porcelain doll figure by painting it or making clothings for it, creating a safe space where experiences such as miscarriage, stillbirth and abortion, can be processed.

All materials provided. Participants may bring their own if they wish to.

RSVP at larieljoy@gmail.com

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