Jul 5th 2019

DREAM-WORKS by Isaac Rafael Galvan

As a boy I had a disposition of mindfulness which allowed for the ephemerality of the human condition. Consequently, the years of finitude & age have propelled me toward a search for the eternal. These works represent a constellation of science, allegory, symbol, dream, memory & craftsmanship. These configurations are tools for the construction of an eternity that can nourish a longing humanity. We have a malaise!

With influences that range from Mexican cosmology, geometry, psychoanalysis, history, philosophy & civilization, I have developed a methodology of design & conscious expression for viewers that are invited for open discourse. The paintings I have presented before you explore the synthesis between the physical & metaphysical realities by which we live.

As all forms transform with time, & where space-time is the only tangible sense-of-time, the viewer & the images are one-vision of the ever-changing physical & metaphysical worlds in which we are contained. May these enigmatic works be a delight for your eyes & a wonder for your imagination (for the two go hand-in-hand).

Born 1982 in Xikakua (Chicago), where he currently lives & works. Isaac Rafael Galvan developed an artistic expression through street-art @ the age of 12. By 1993 & through the spirit of Hip-Hop he took up a vocational sense of graffiti-street-art & poetry. By 2010, after graduating the university with a Bachelors in Literature/Philosophy, Galvan has written plays, books of poetry, short-stories & essays. This man of ideas/letters has also produced city-wide murals, public & private commissions/paintings & continues to create a catalogue of oil paintings that are astounding.

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