Jul 7th 2019

Hyun Jung Jun: Teyo’s Lightshield

@ Fresh Bread

email freshbreadgallery@gmail.com for address

Opening Sunday, July 7th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Sunday, August 4th

Teyo once had fantasy, shape, structure, intestines, and moods. Teyo once contained portals. What is the possibility, potential, legacy, or myth of Teyo, especially considering the possibility, potential, legacy, or myth of any activity, meal, backstroke, mark, chord, or key, if within the repetition of manners there is no gesture which went unthought, unconsidered, or goes without ceremony, or disappears before its observance? Where does the activity, meal, backstroke, mark, chord, or key ultimately go, and what is beyond it; if I should follow it to its logical conclusion, would I reach the imaginary portal that is its expression, gesture, breath, form, song, or soup, what are all of its variations and permutations that comprise its possibility, potential, legacy, or myth? I am still referring to Teyo. What is beyond Teyo, beyond this reality, beyond the body, what is beyond the path if the path is the mark’s fantasies, shapes, structures, intestines, and moods? I look for Teyo in the beyond: in a coffee pot, a wolf, a snake, the mist, dust, within the frame of minutes, hours, seconds, days, and beyond the frame of time. I play a song for Teyo, and a variation of that song. I light a candle for Teyo, who gifted his shields to as many allies as possible knowing he could not always be there to protect them himself, whose shields, fantasies, shapes, structures, intestines, and moods were strained into the Earth where being is like peeing, like cherry pie baked out of ritual, eggs, everyday life, bones, magic, joy, and mothers, to be consumed into the possibility, potential, legacy, or myth of a new flower.

Hyun Jung Jun (b.1989) explores the relationships between everyday life, the body, and cultural landscapes through a multidisciplinary practice involving cooking, collecting, categorizing, recording, and list making. Jun often utilizes the ephemera of daily ritual and the domestic sphere to expand upon both the internal and external. Jun’s work has been included in exhibitions across Chicago and other parts of the United States. She has participated in the Alchemy residency in Ontario, Canada and the Vermont Studio Center residency in Johnson, VT. She lives and works in Chicago, IL, where she received her BFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014 and MFA in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University in 2019.

Teyo’s Lightshield is Fresh Bread’s inaugural exhibition. Fresh Bread is a kitchen-based exhibition series in Rogers Park, Chicago, run by artist Morgan Mandalay and writer Kim-Anh Schreiber. Each show meditates on metaphors of digestion and features an accompanying cookbook, a document of process and practice. Mandalay and Schreiber have previously collaborated on Meatloaf, a play that debuted at Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana with BWSMX/DAMA, Date Night, an artist-run art fair at Horton Plaza Mall, and the itinerant beach-based exhibition series SPF15.

Please contact the artist or Fresh Bread at freshbreadgallery@gmail.com for the exact address.

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