Jul 16th 2019


Join Obihiro artists Daisaku Ueno, Masanori Umeda & Hiroshi Mehata as they discuss their respective artistic practices and how they arrived at the pieces that were made for the exhibition “思考回路 / Shikou Kairo: Patterns of Thought”presented by AIRMW and Hairpin Arts Center. Viewers are invited to watch Ueno as he begins his site-specific sculpture and Mehata will play Obihiro-inspired compositions. Umeda also introduces his new works that lie between painting and sculpture.

Daisaku Ueno is a native of Hokkaido, Japan who makes large sculptural works using raw materials such as mud, wood, bamboo, stone and water. Many of his public works make use of readily available materials near the site. His works retain a structural and visual fluidity that incorporates the unique characteristics of each organic material.

Masanori Umeda is a painter and multi-media artist whose works are part of the permanent collection of the Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art. In 1990, he won both the Best Special Award and the Ikko Tanaka Award in the Amnesty Poster Graphics Competition. From 1993 to 2008, he held the Inspirational Award at Liquitex Biennial. His solo exhibition, “Tokachi New Generation Series X (10)” was displayed at the Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art in 2007. He was born and currently resides in Obihiro, Japan.

Hiroshi Mehata is a Noise/Experimental Music artist who has also been creating graphic artworks basedon his own music in Tokyo, Japan. His work explores metaphysical concepts of noum, kami, andkotodama as it relates to the history and spirituality of Japanese culture. Since 2011 Mehata has beenworking under the name “Mehata Sentimental Legend” and released the album “Noum Zeccyou” underGermany’s netlabel Mind Plug Records. Since then he has continued doing musical collaborations withforeign artists and musicians. Since 2011 Mehata has been working under the name “Mehata SentimentalLegend” and released the album “Noum Zeccyou” from Germany’s net label Mind Plug Records. Since then he has continued doing musical collaborations with foreign artists and musicians.
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Gallery Hours: WED-SUN: 1:00-8:00 PM, additional hours by appointment.
Asian Improv aRts Midwest (AIRMW) presents a Chicago/Obihiro Exchange Project special event – “思考回路 / Shikou Kairo: Patterns of Thought,” a three-week exhibition featuring artists from Japan and Chicago to facilitate dialogue about the artistic and intellectual approach of post-war, new immigrant generations of Japanese within the context of contemporary art.

Presented in collaboration with the Tokachi International Cultural Exchange Center in Obihiro, Japan; and Hairpin Arts Center.

“思考回路 / Shikou Kairo: Patterns of Thought” will open with a one week solo presentation of Chicago-based calligrapher Oda Hekiun, followed by a two-person presentation of Obihiro artists Daisaku Ueno and Masanori Umeda. Sound artist Hiroshi Mehata also joins the roster to record an album incorporating the local soundscape of the Tokachi area. AIRMW artists Kioto Aoki and Kiyomi Negi-Tran will be exhibiting works created during their June 2019 residency in Obihiro/Tokachi region of Hokkaido, Japan.

Throughout the three weeks, AIRMW will also present a variety of public presentations: artists talks, calligraphy and tea ceremony workshops, performances by Tsukasa Taiko, Shubukai, and Toyoaki Shamisen; and local performance artists and musicians of the Japanese diaspora.

7/9 Creative Community: Artist Talk & Workshop by Oda Hekiun
7/12 Collaborative Performance by: Oda Hekiun & Fujima Yoshinojo
7/13 Origami Workshop
7/16 Creative Community: Ueno Daisaku, Umeda Masanori, & Mehata Hiroshi
7/18 In Conversation with “The Tokyo Show: Black and Brown Are Beautiful”
7/19 Tsukasa Taiko + Opening Celebration
7/19 Tatsu Aoki’s New Japan Ensemble at Elastic Arts
7/20 Japanese Tea Ceremony Presentation
7/20 Koto Presentation
7/20 Tatsu Aoki’s New Japan Ensemble at Elastic Arts
7/22 Jazz & Electronics: Mai Sugimoto & Kiku Hibino
7/24 In Conversation with Obihiro at Hyde Park Art Center
7/25 Handmade Soba Demonstration at JASC
7/26 Fourth Friday at Hairpin Arts: Naoki Nakatani, Mitsu Salmon, Hiroshi Mehata
7/27 Closing Reception & Final Remarks: Kioto Aoki & Kiyomi Negi
Chicago Obihiro Exchange is a program of AIRMW and is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council, the MacArthur Fund for Arts & Culture at The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the Alphawood Foundation, CDH. P.C, the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation and the Joyce Foundation.

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