Jul 28th 2019

Imagine a campfire poetry, song, and storytelling session on the South Side of Chicago.

Art Is Bonfire, Chicago’s only bonfire cypher (sharing circle) gathers at fire pits in Promontory Point Park every last Sunday in the summer months (June-September) to burn and build, since 2011.

This event is accessible, free, and open to the public. Please do not contact the park. This is not an official park event.

what happens at a bonfire cypher?
The Pyro Poet Tiff Beatty builds a fire at sunset. We share food. When there are enough artists for a cypher, she opens the circle with a poem. Following the opening piece, Tiff introduces herself, welcomes the people, and invites performances and creative expression energy to flow from individual to individual. We burn shit. We roast marshmallows and make s’mores. We sing, clap, laugh, cry, and snap. At some point in the evening, volunteers help distribute pieces of paper and pens for folks to write down and give offerings to the fire. Organizers and proud mothers make announcements. We stare and howl at the moon over the lake. Tiff closes the circle. We get home safe.

LAST SUNDAYS​ (monthly)
2019 Dates: Jun 30 | Jul 28 | Aug 25 | Sep 29

​6am | park opens
daytime | write, read, swim, play…
sunset | bonfire cypher/ poetry + burning ritual (~2 hrs)
closing | libations
11pm | Park closes

*Typically, I arrive noonish. I bring books, notebooks, sage, and snacks. ​Bonfire cypher begins at sunset. Sunrise cypher anyone? HMU.

Promontory Point Park
Go east of LSD on 55th St.
Enter tunnel.
Take 3 long breaths.

Exit tunnel into a fork in the path.
Walk left or right and east.
Look for “Art Is Bonfire” written in chalk near one of 4 fire pits.

what if I still can’t find the cypher?
Follow @artisbonfire IG for exact location!
Or just hang out with whomever you do find. It’s a popular park. 🙂

Meet me at the Point!

Official Website

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