Jul 28th 2019

Let’s create a space to get to know ourselves and feel out who we are as we allow the essence of beautiful lives linger on our skin. We will dance cry and maybe even get a little wet.

This show traverses the collision of two worlds that seem at face value departed from one another. Comparing the bounty and stressors that exist in both Amazon Rainforest, and in the souls of famous artists who passed away before their natural deaths. These two stories run parallel to each other. The show seeks to redefine how we understand the artist and compares their system of creativity to the water system that traverses the Amazon. As the piece unfolds we examine how these systems are polluted due to exploitation. This is true in the physical system we are researching throughout our performance. The water in the Amazon Rainforest is the heartbeat of the forest that comes into contact with every element of the ecosystem and is monumentally affected by pollution and deforestation. A water system whose tentacles stretch far into the worlds hotbed of biodiversity, and mimics the creative flow that reaches throughout these iconic artists. Through looking at systems through Poetry dance and movement we move beyond the simple obituaries of these iconic deaths and begin to use the water system to inform our perspectives of cause and effect. This production asks what makes the life cycle of these artist, who range so widely in their style, take similar paths even when considering artist who died generations apart across different parts of the world. The performance is curated so that the audience will have opportunities for one on one, hands on, meditations in addition to the standard theatrical practice of a collective audience.

“A dank play to cry to”

“Will make you sweaty: in a good way”

“The most confusing depression trip you’ll ever have”

“Might make you want to collect your tears idk you’ll probably cry if you’re a human with a heart and soul ok”

“a sensory stimulating sight and sonic trip”

“Honestly Seraphina can twerk like mad for a white girl”- Seraphina Violet Cueller

unas historias de una mujer is a projection and performance piece that tells the stories of my mother’s life, of my own life, and of gender roles. This piece is a challenger of any misconceptions of immigrants, women, and Mexican people; and it is additionally a challenger of the gender roles of yesterday and today.

LORY: unas historias de una mujer es una proyección y una actuación que cuenta las historias de la vida de mi madre, de mi vida propia, y de los roles de género. Esta obra es un desafiador de cualquier concepto erróneo sobre los migrantes, las mujeres, y la gente mexicana; y aparte es un desafiador de los roles de género de ayer y de hoy.

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