Jun 8th 2019

On The Line
Tina Takemoto
7 min., Digital, 2018, USA

Inspired by prewar cannery workers in San Diego, On the Line offers a queer meditation on the Japanese American women who cleaned the tuna, worked the assembly line, and found same-sex intimacy amid sake and fish guts while the men were off to sea.

Atomfrafterk Zwetendorf
Hope Tucker
17 min., Digital, 2018, USA/Austria

Forty years ago Austrians voted against opening a nuclear power plant that had already been built. A monument to the power of public protest and the potential of a democratic vote.

Artist Statement
Shayna Connelly
5 min., Digital, 2019, USA

The artist fights for her voice in a world that doesn’t want her to speak. She risks her work being dismissed and herself declared “complicated,” “uncertain,” or “irrelevant” unless she can define herself within a certain category. Only when her work is validated by a male authority does the work gain notice.

The Comic Sans Video
Roger Beebe
8 min., Digital, 2018, USA

A “desktop cinema” essay—provoked by the Twitter response to the “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt design—on the ways in which taste is determined by race, class, gender.

It’s Going To Be Beautiful
Luis Gutiérrez Arias & John Henry Theisen
9 min., Digital, 2018, USA/Mexico

Eight prototypes for a border wall stand on the US-Mexico border. To choose a winning design, Border Patrol officers and the military will attempt to climb, dig under, or breach the structures using techniques employed by immigrants and drug dealers.

Hall of Fishes
Jennifer Boles
9 min., Digital, 2019, USA

An immersive archival film about the webs of power and violence behind the human desire to see, contain, and consume the ocean.

The Real Thing
Julianna Villarosa
3 min., Digital, 2018, USA/Mexico

Using physical media (16mm, VHS) destroyed by Coca-Cola, “The Real Thing” contrasts the famous ad “I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke” with The Coca-Cola Company’s most recent scandal: unconscionable water privatization in Chiapas, Mexico.

Life on the Mississippi
Bill Brown
28 min., Digital, 2018, USA

Using Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi as a road map, Brown travels along the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tennessee to New Orleans and considers ways that river pilots, paddlers, historical reenactors, and civil engineers attempt to know the river through modeling, measurement, and simulation.

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