Jun 6th 2019

Negative 25
Jenny Stark
3 min., Digital, 2018, USA

Made of appropriated footage from the Julia Roberts film Sleeping with the Enemy and personal landscapes from California rivers, the film reflects on two years: 1991 and 2016, the unpredictable storms that followed, and the difficulty of predicting when crises will pass.

Andrew Norman Wilson
30 min., Digital, 2019, USA

A semi-biographical fiction inspired by his father’s work at one of Kodak’s first processing labs, Wilson’s speculative gloss on the evolution of photochemical science entwines multiple perspectives and personas. Co-written by James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Kodak imagines a dialogue between a blind, mentally unstable former film technician and George Eastman himself, recordings of whom play out over a procession of photographs, home video footage, vintage Kodak ads, and animations.

Karen Yasinsky
7 min., Digital, 2018, USA

A character created over the time of animating the cobweb and thinking about “Mississippi Mud” by Bix Beiderbecke. Additional sound Andrew Bernstein; with Gillian Waldo.

Night Clerk
Damon Mohl
2 min., Digital, 2018, USA

A song for a night clerk.

Danny’s Super 8
Colin Russell & Alec Rodriques
4 min., Digital, 2018, USA

A look into the work of underground filmmaker Danny Plotnick and his love for Super 8 film.

Michael Morris
7 min., 35mm., 2018, USA

Ark is a film made from 35mm prints held in the G. William Jones Film and Video Collection’s archive. The film is based on a rare version of the 1928 silent epic Noah’s Ark which makes use of optical sound added in the 1950s, along with a number of other films. The Ark depicted in the film is intended as a stand-in for the archive, a holding place to preserve films from the passage of time and a refuge from which to repopulate the world with images.

Don’t Be Still
Robert C. Banks Jr. & John W. Carlson
4 min., 35mm > Digital, 2019, USA

Don’t Be Still is about what it means to be a female and being denied validation from the abuses that plague women in 21st century America. The camera used for this look is the Lomo Kino 35mm hand-crank movie camera.

Love and the Epiphanists (Part One)
Scott Stark
30 min., 35mm, Slides, Digital, Live, 2018, USA

The first part of an ongoing 35mm film project with live performance components, including 35mm film, 35mm slides, digital video, audio recordings and live spoken text, chronicling the Epiphany—the moment in a future history when the effects of climate change became irreversible and undeniable.

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