Jun 9th 2019

Jake Hart
7 min., 16mm > Digital, 2018, USA

The Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate- Their spirituality & devotion to the CoRedemptrix.

Calder for Peter
Ephraim Asili
11 min., 16mm, 2017, USA

A film commissioned by the Alexander Calder Foundation, Calder for Peter is simultaneously a portrait of Alexander Calder’s “Five Swords” and a tribute to a friend, mentor, and colleague, filmmaker Peter Hutton. The film was shot on location at Storm King Art Center where Calder’s Five Swords, one of his last works, is installed. Additional shooting was done in Hudson, New York where Asili resides.

Gloria’s Call
Cheri Gaulke
17 min., Digital, 2018, USA

From the cafés of Paris to the mountaintops of Samiland, a scholar’s life is forever changed through her friendships with the women artists of Surrealism.

And By The Night
Anna Kipervaser
10 min., 16mm, 2017, USA/Ukraine

After a period of no revelations, Surah al-Duha was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, stating that God had neither forsaken nor forgotten him. And to be patient. The film is also a response to my abortion.

Tulips are my father’s favourite flower
Nisha Platzer
3 min., 16mm, 2017, Canada

I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead
Beatrice Gibson
21 min., Digital, 2018, United Kingdom

Reframing our current political moment in intimate terms, Gibson’s urgent snapshot of social calamities doubles as a document of practical resistance. Pauline Oliveros’ music and the words of poets CAConrad and Eileen Myles imbue images of street riots and refugee migration with graceful complexity.

Susan DeLeo
5 min., super 8 > Digital, 2019, USA

A short poetic piece shot on Super 8mm film inspired from a line of a traditional Spanish folksong “Asturiana.” “To see if it would console me, I drew near.”

A Leaf is the Sea is a Theater
Jonathan Schwartz
16 min., 16mm > Digital, 2018, USA

“When a character moves off screen, we accept the fact that he is out of sight, but he continues to exist in his own capacity at some other place in the decor which is hidden from us. There are no wings to the screen.” -André Bazin (from Theater and Cinema)

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