Jun 15th 2019

prjtr prty involves artists / performers presenting work incorporating light and projection. In this first edition, we have S H I V E (Austin Gladney and Kevin Hsu), Chloe Lin, Kin Lam, sound-movement duo bdynse (Jubilee Tai and Scott Rubin), electronic musician PORCH SAM and light artist / VJ Farnaz Khosh-Sirat.

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////// S H I V E //////

S H I V E is a collaboration between artists Kevin Hsu and Austin Gladney currently based in Chicago, IL. Incorporating realtime processes such as granular synthesis, magnetic tape machines and hardware samplers, their performances blend various musical influences to create textural soundscapes that evoke emotional connections.

////// Chloe Lin //////

Chloe Yu Nong Lin is a musician and composer from Taiwan and currently based in Chicago. She has participated in many interdisciplinary works with Chinese orchestras and Legend Lin Dance Theatre in Taiwan. Lin currently engages in solo Pipa improvisation and experimental composition exploring the meanings and expression of words themselves. She also draws on sheet music to reflect her music imaginings. Her current projects also include collaborating with artist and guitarist Kevin McGrath as a music improvisation duo “Lin and McGrath.” In Lin’s music and sound practice, she focuses on the relationship between her body movements and her instrument the Pipa (琵琶). Her performances involve music, sounds, silence, extended techniques, movements, light and shadow.

////// Kin Lam //////
=> https://kllkinlam.portfoliobox.net/

Kin Lam Lam is an artist and percussionist whose work explores the sound, light, electronics, technology, and visual media. Kin Lam explores the world with a beginner’s mind and tries to bring in new possibilities to the things that we encounter everyday. Drawing from his passion of experimenting with sound, Kin pushes electronics into the sonic world and uses them to design experimental instruments and objects from repurposed objects and fields. With a classical percussion background, music and sound art intersect in his work, which include composition with notation and graphic scores, and most recently, amplified (fluorescent) lights and electromagnetic noises have been his medium. Rhythm, tamber, and material are focused in on in his works, which range from instrument construction to composition and performance with digital, analog, and non-electronic instruments.

Kin Lam holds a Bachelor’s degree in percussion performance from Sam Houston State University, and is currently pursuing a MFA in sound at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

////// bdynse //////

bdynse is an interdisciplinary performance duo featuring artists Jubilee Tai and Scott Rubin, whose work fuses sound and movement to create immersive audio-visual experiences. They explore analog and digital relationships between sound and movement through the use of interdisciplinary improvisation frameworks, live audio and visual electronics, cameras, and motion sensors.

////// PORCH SAM //////
=> https://porchsam.bandcamp.com/album/hi-desert

LA based psychedelic electronic music. Heavy rhythms and deep hooks. New album ‘Hi Desert’ out now.

////// Farnaz Khosh-Sirat //////
Farnaz is a light artist interested in bridging different mediums with light. She is also the co-founder of Pejvak with her partner Hope Wang, to further explore this subject and collaborate further with others.
Along with working on Pejvak, Farnaz is currently exploring relationships between light, sound and space under the umbrella of paradise in her practice.

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