Jun 15th 2019

Join us for the opening of Megan Eskoff’s solo exhibition “Well Mannered” June 15th from 6-10pm.

“I create lush, maximalist drawings with oil pastels, paint, graphite, and my fingers. Through strong use of color, pattern, and often the landscape form, my drawings are “well mannered” but loud, orderly but imperfect. Drawing is about drawing, a celebration of the joy it brings me to create 2-dimensional meaning, beauty, and a mess. What excites me is the act making, which is an exploration of intuition, risk taking, sincerity, and all of my feelings. Originating from the belief that beauty is easily understood, each piece finishes with the conclusion that nothing is concluded, nothing is easy, joy is a mountain. My works are never finished until the last mark, and even then, they can always keep going. They never want to end, so I make more. There is a sense of longing, of unabashed idealism, and the tension of order rubbing against chaos. The result is a body of work that feels neither made up nor found, like memory.”

Megan’s work will be displayed from June 15th- June 29th

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