Jun 8th 2019

Are you looking to build your creative muscle by putting in some reps under a manufactured deadline?

Wanna put a new skill to the test while having fun and meeting others while you’re at it?

SNAP OFF is a friendly photo contest that gives you a chance to practice your craft through experimentation and new challenges. To get things started, a panel of seasoned photographers share their experiences working as a creative in Chicago. Then each attending photographer is given a “secret” prop revealed at the beginning of the day to create a unique image with their own personal spin. You’ll have one hour to capture an image featuring the prop, using the specified #hashtag + tagging our sponsor. At the end of the event, the group votes for their favorite image & prizes are awarded to the top photographers: a $300 @Moment giftcard for the winner and $150 for the runner-up. RSVP today and come flex your Creative Muscle for a chance to win! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-snap-off-tickets-61106348734

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