Jun 13th 2019

Dance choreographers gain inspiration for new dances in different ways. Some focus on re-creating or re-imagining the work of their predecessors, while others aim to shatter all norms and traditions in order to break new ground. Whether through recreation or rejection–or both–most choreographers craft their work in conscious response to dance history, especially as that history is mediated through archives.

In this program, four dancers and choreographers will discuss their varied approaches to creating new dances. Jan Bartoszek, Ella Rosewood, Melissa Thodos, and Luis Vazquez will offer wide-ranging perspectives on incorporating dance traditions found in archives or historic film footage, as well as how they use their knowledge of dance practice to break away from tradition and attempt to create dances that are completely new.

Join us for a fascinating glimpse into the influences and creative processes that go into designing new dances.

Jan Bartoszek

Ella Rosewood

Melissa Thodos

Luis Vazquez

Hedy Weiss

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