Jun 9th 2019

June 7 (Part I) and June 8 (Part II), 7pm; June 9 (Part III), 2pm; 2019.

Mother sends him to get bread from a neighbor. The Great Halloo is heard; nothing but sand. “Push the bolt to:” a minor repair. brings all this to Goat Island’s 8th performance, When Will The September Roses Bloom? Last night was only a comedy (2004). Drawing from the margins of Matthew Goulish’s journal, archived props, and primary sources used by the company in their devising process,* a minor repair. shares in the humble but creative force of returning time, passed. An imagined prop comes home.

Admission: Free.

Conceived and performed by Ryan D. Tacata
Sound by Derek Phillips
Objects by Sergio Traverso
Garment by Ria Leigh
Sand performed by sawdust**

* The poetry of Paul Celan; The Wind (1928); and Hélène Cixous’ Stigmata, in particular.
** Due to the historic status of the Chicago Cultural Center, sand will be performed by sawdust for this event.

This performance will be followed at 3:05 by Ian Hatcher’s response to Goat Islands The Lastmaker (2007).

a minor repair. is one of nine performances commissioned by the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) as part of the exhibition goat island archive – we have discovered the performance by making it. A work-in-progress was presented at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery (DFBRL8R) on Sunday, February 10, 2019, as part of IN>TIME Festival.

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