Jun 23rd 2019

ᗡOUBLEHEADED: Gallery Tour

@ Roots & Culture

1034 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Opening Sunday, June 23rd, from 2PM - 4PM

On view through Sunday, June 23rd

Gallery tour & lunch with ᗡOUBLEHEADED artists Andrew Bearnot & Joshua Kent

Featuring distinguished guest speakers: Bill Brown, Dutes Miller, & Stan Shellabarger

Chef Eric (with a little help from his friends) will prepare a scrummy early summer repast of terrine, salad, soup, and more. Lunch plates are $8. Drinks too!


Andrew Bearnot and Joshua Kent are artists who are lovers

Joshua Kent and Andrew Bearnot are lovers who are artists.

Though both work independently, for ᗡOUBLEHEADED they attempt the cohesion of a single exhibition which thematizes twoness and the murky zones between defined states.

How does the double-headed creature share a heart? Or an apartment?
Or, “You had the car keys last–check your pants pocket.”

For ᗡOUBLEHEADED, Bearnot and Kent explore ways in which matter registers the experience of time: from the instantaneous ejaculation of confetti, to the gradual process of hair growing gray. Scales of time and attention are modulated throughout Bearnot and Kent’s object based work, opening up opportunities for noticing:

A marble statue kisses his own image across the pages of a book.
An ombre rope registers transition, revealed by contrasting ends.

The space between a first kiss and a fissure.

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