May 23rd 2019

Satellite Chicago is thrilled to be hosting our friends for an artists’ panel as part of the Intercontinental Biennial of the Indigenous Arts Summer 2019 traveling show. Please join us for a casual evening of conversations and counter-narratives. This event is BYOB.

Panelists from Ecuador include:
Toaquiza Gustavo
Martha Tugassi
Jorge Ivan Cevallos (moderator)

Panelists from the US include:
Robin Kissinger
Master Amaru Chiza
Darryl Brown
Scott Hill

The Traveling Gallery of the Intercontinental Biennial of Indigenous Art “brings together the plastic and human proposals of various artists and indigenous sectors that, from anonymity or silence, raise an original work that is often crossed by magic, chromaticism or, perhaps, also , determined by pain, anger, disagreement, the insurgency before so much abuse and dispossession that we have suffered for centuries.”

– Raúl Pérez Torres, Minister of Culture, Ecuador

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