May 17th 2019

Presented in conjunction with the 2018-2019 Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Dialogue Security Sound and Vision, the two films in this program apply minimalist techniques to the forensic examination of sound and vision, deconstructing deceptive images of security. British-Jordanian artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan stages an intricate relay of sound and image to investigate the use of live ammunition in crowd control by Israel Defense Forces in Rubber Coated Steel. Chris Kennedy’s Watching the Detectives uses text and still images to reconstruct the mistaken efforts of the amateur social-media sleuths who sought to identify the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing. In person: filmmaker Chris Kennedy

Rubber Coated Steel, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, 2016, Lebanon/Germany, digital, 21 min

Watching the Detectives, Chris Kennedy, 2017, Canada, 16mm, silent, 36 min

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