May 4th 2019

Jose Santiago Perez: Passsivities

@ Ignition Project Space

3839 W Grand Ave. #1, Chicago, IL 60651

Opening Saturday, May 4th, from 6PM - 9PM

On view through Saturday, May 25th

Passsivities presents new work by Jose Santiago Perez that touches on the generative possibilities of yielding.

The receptivity of an object – its openness, it’s availability,
it’s capacity to receive, to hold, to contain – is often
overlooked and undervalued. Passivity is limp-wristed.
Droopy. It is the object to an active subject.

In the language of coiled basketry, however, the ‘passive
core’ is the very condition that makes form possible.
Similarly, substrates employed in craft-based processes
yield to, receive, and hold cumulative actions. They submit.
They are subs.

Passivity is the internal logic and structuring principle that
informs the haptic choreography of knotting, coiling, and
wrapping used in the work, connecting the temporality of
touch and the Repetitive material labor of yielding.

Passsivities insists on the limpy value of receptivity. In a
passive voice. With a sibilant ‘sss’.

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