May 11th 2019

This is a personal invitation to have a professional development share-out at the exhibition of Alberto Aguilar. An artist-teacher gathering about your expertise prepared by Jorge Lucero and Chicago Arts Partnership in Education.

Meet each other. Receive a tour of the retrospective exhibition: moves on human scale. Guest are invited to participate in a discussion session where the knowledge we bring to the space is the material for teaching practice as art. Every participant is fully acknowledged as a professional in development, made over years of life. Also as a gift, the professional may give of themselves to others. With the guests all contributing to this artist-teacher professional development in proximity of Alberto Aguilar’s exhibition, the session will be as robust or quiet as the
participants want it to be.

Here are simple instructions on how to partake in this PD

a) Accept this invitation by coming to Gallery 400 on the appointed date
b) Come prepared to share your professional development experience with others for
the professional development’s sake of all attending guests.
c) Know that you made an artwork by coming together with other artist-teachers

* The network is/ are/ be the PD, always evolving, never static.
** This authorship is collective and it’s individual as well; there is tension between clarity
and generative ambiguities.
*** There is uncertainty/ the unknown/ and moving towards not knowing; questioning
leads to and ends in questioning, important vulnerability.



At Gallery 400, we strive to continually increase the accessibility of our physical space, exhibitions, and programs. Through growing relationships with community partners and the disability community in Chicago, we work creatively to integrate access into our exhibition and program planning from the outset, rather than as an afterthought. In the future, our team will continue to work transparently with individuals and organizations to improve our institutional practices and create spaces that are inclusive to all. We welcome feedback and ideas you may have.

Wheelchair Accessible Entrances & Elevators:
Gallery 400 is on the first level of the Art & Exhibition Hall at UIC, an ADA compliant building. The Art & Exhibition Hall is accessible by a push-button automatic door. The Gallery is accessible by a set of stairs with a railing or by elevator (Level 1R). If you experience issues with building access, please notify Gallery 400 staff at 312-996-6114 or building manager Chris Markin at 312-413-1001. If any temporary barriers arise, we will post updates as a status on Gallery 400’s social media platforms.

Additional information can be found here,

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