Apr 29th 2019

“Long-Term Offenders,” or LTOs, is the state’s term for people it effectively condemns to death by incarceration. This book, which two of our panelists co-edited, includes a collection of essays and other works that offer an indictment of long-term sentencing from activists, scholars, and artists including those directly surviving and resisting these sentences. Giving voice to people both inside and outside prison struggling for liberation, The Long Term dismantles claims that long-term sentencing keeps anyone safe and reveals the injustice of the prison system.

Deana Lewis (National Women’s Studies Association)
Erica Meiners (Northeastern Illinois University)
William Estrada (Prison Neighborhood Arts Project and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago)
Patrick Pursley (Prison & Neighborhood Arts Project)
Alice Kim (University of Chicago)

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