Apr 19th 2019

Please join us for April Third Friday Open Studio and art opening, where we will be highlighting Project Onward artist, Sereno “Glitterman” Wilson, in a solo exhibition.

Sereno Wilson’s visionary art avows to transcend the physical/ordinary image into a vision of shimmering distinction encrusted in glitter. These items of adornment give Sereno an acute sense of privilege, prestige, and importance. These items or objects hold mystical significance for Wilson by evoking his ideals of spirituality and themes of power, religion, iconography, history, luck and luxury.

Sereno grew up in a highly religious household and has often combined biblical and religious symbolism into his works. The Haitian Vodou religion has its roots in West African beliefs and Roman Catholicism. Sereno seeks to connect his offerings to the Vodou faith by adapting and interpreting Haitian Vodou Loa flags into an intentional and ever changing mystic environment.

All are welcome to attend this event!

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