Apr 1st 2019


@ DfbrL8r

1029 W 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Opening Monday, April 1st, from 6PM - 9PM

It’s that time again!

the ninth annual

Host: Silky Jumbo | DJ: SashaNoDisco | Performances by: Sasha Hodges | Joseph Ravens | Glamhag | Po’Chop | Mark Jeffery | Beverly Fresh + The Crooner | Alexander Grelle | Darling Shear | Angeliki Tsoli + Li-Ming Hu

Lyp Sinc Show is an unforgettable experience. Performers are invited to riff on the idea of lip synchronization and the results are always remarkable. This badass benefit raises funds for Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly, our spring micro-festival featuring over a dozen artist who will present performances in gallery and in situ, video works, and visual art. Curated this year by Fulbright Scholar from Greece and DFBRL8R Curatorial Assistant, Angeliki Tsoli, Bubbly Creek will contain three days of performance and a visual art exhibition in June. Funds raised will go toward artist fees, meals, and materials.

“Bubbly Creek” is a branch of the Chicago River that forms the western border of Bridgeport. It has this nickname because gases bubble out of the riverbed from decomposing animal waste dumped into the river long ago by the Union Stockyards. Brought to notoriety by Upton Sinclair in his exposé on the American meat packing industry [The Jungle] the contaminated river is a revolting reminder of the harshness of industrial capitalism, exploitation of [often immigrant] labor, and disproportionate concentrations of wealth in America. It still bubbles to this day. Carl Sandburg’s poem, “Chicago” refers to our metropolis as the “City of the Broad Shoulders,” referencing physical strength and fortitude. Appreciation for labor is exemplified by practitioners of performance art who, working in an ephemeral and non-commodifiable medium, tend to value, by choice or circumstance, process [labor] over product [wage] – thereby challenging value driven art production and capitalist systems. Rooted in and inspired by locality, Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly celebrates the Bridgeport neighborhood and is an homage to Chicago’s rich labor history and how it relates to and influences the local art community.

MON 01 APR [fool’s day] | 6PM | $10

a DFBRL8R fundraiser for
Bubbly Creek Performance Art Assembly
at Zhou B Art Center | 1029 W 35TH | Chicago

Enter via the ramp in the back of the building. This event is on the main floor of Zhou B Art Center and fully accessible.

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