Apr 27th 2019

Join us for a day of art-making as an act in solidarity with organizers and communities impacted by the criminal legal system. Through art-based and letter-writing workshops at Compound Yellow, we will examine the impacts of long term sentencing, circles of healing, feminist freedom, and more. Throughout the event here will be ongoing art-making workshops including Mother’s Day card-making, screen printing, embroidery, and oral history collecting. At 3 pm there will be an interactive group theater exercise, which will be followed by a Teach-In on the parole system and long-term sentencing with Rebecca Bretz at 3:30 pm. There will be a culminating outdoor cookout with food and refreshments beginning at 4:30 pm (vegetarian options will be provided).

More information on the Teach-In with Rebecca Bretz:
Not only does the US incarcerate the most amount of people on the planet, people in US prisons serve long sentences that are effectively death by incarceration. Join members of the Prison Neighborhood Arts Project, Parole Illinois and other groups to learn about the cost and impact of locking up so many people for life. Learn about some of the people who are serving these sentences and what many organizations are doing to try to transform justice.

Description of Art Workshops:
– Mother’s Day card-making/letter-writing campaign to send to incarcerated mothers
– Screen printing of designs related to “decarcerate” on t-shirts & posters **PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN T-SHIRT**
– Embroidering of simple sampler designs related to “decarcerate”
– Oral histories will be collected throughout the event through recorded interviews with Gabriel Chalfin-Piney

*Compound Yellow is not an ADA-accessible space*

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