Apr 5th 2019

“Chapter 3: T.U.T’S Room” By Armani Howard

The next installment from the literary compass, “Into The Wild”, Chicago based artist Armani Howard brings us Chapter 3: T.U.T’s Room. Covering the theme of reflection and self-growth, Howard creates a space and ode to a younger mind. The artist hopes to bring forth a sense nostalgia, not for memories, but to arise the dialogue of growth in the present. Having a communication with your younger self, the artist believes you will truly realize your growth in your present.

Keeping the discovery of self at the forefront of his exploration and using his own text, Into The Wild as the compass. Armani Howard has orchestrated a body of work that is forever growing as time progress. Cultivating a narrative that brings the bare essentials back into the light. The conversation of organic and technical being a constant dialogue with inserts of influence from worldly travels. Armani has created a world that brings viewers to start a dialogue within, in which becomes a conversation outside of the work. From thought out childlike drawings adopting there way onto laborious sections of work, to the meticulous groundwork and research creating the world around it, Armani has been able to become efficiently proficient at starting the narrative within most, that is creative communication. Using traditional narratives and moving freely within an ever-expanding field of aesthetic issues and cultural inspirations, his body of work limns the connection between viewer and work. The inclusive world that Howard has created not only allows you to see the world but become connected and apart of it, to feel, smell, hear and taste even.


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