Mar 16th 2019

Please join us in the Riverside Arts Center’s Freeark Gallery and Sculpture Garden for an artist’s talk with Gina Hunt and Robert Burnier in conjunction with one of our current exhibitions, Undiscoverable Country, a two-person show with work by Gina Hunt and Kate McQuillen, guest curated by Robert Burnier. The talk will begin at approximately 2pm on Saturday, March 16th. Admission is free and open to all.

About Undiscoverable Country:

Out of virtually limitless nature, our concepts might be considered as attempts to bring order to chaos, to bring desire within reach. But as they grow and multiply, they become a new, mysterious forest, an ever expanding, perpetually untraversed land; an undiscoverable country. We look upon these synthetic landscapes, and wonder if we can ever know them, whether reconciliation with unknowing could be itself a kind of knowledge.
The works in this exhibition share a tension between precision and openness. Each of them goes to great lengths to create their manifestations and phenomena, and yet each finds itself at the precipice of a new level of uncertainty or a threshold between feeling and fact. Even as they succeed brilliantly in what they set out to do, they reveal something else about ourselves as viewers, about our notions as thinkers, that we may find harder to define. The works prompt us not to consider the usual breaking of boundaries that art commonly proclaims, but perhaps to consider what a boundary really consists of. — Robert Burnier, Guest Curator

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