Mar 20th 2019

Hosted on the spring equinox, celebrate the upcoming seasonal shift by exploring the new exhibition and programs incubator, Beginning to See the Light. Written in 1977 for the Village Voice, Ellen Willis’s essay of the same name explores the ever shifting politics of freedom and the fight for equality through the lens of the radical shift felt during the 60’s rock and roll revolution, into the tumbling onslaught of rage centered punk, all while questioning how exclusionary these movements have been to those outside the cultural standard (i.e. cis, white, het, able-bodied) without uplifting alternative forms or voices.Grounded in the essence of rock and roll, Beginning to See the Lightis a jam session we all play within.

On site we will have stick and poke tattoo artists, art making activities with takeaways, tarot readings by Tesh Silver and live DJ sets from Alex Herrera and Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero.

Limited edition screen printed tote bags designed by Michelle Nordmeyer will be available to the first 50 visitors. Bring your own tote, poster or shirt to screen print! Artists will be available throughout the event to help once totes have run out.

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