Mar 14th 2019

Restorative justice has become a buzzword in Chicago in recent years, but what does it mean to actually practice it in all facets of life, including the workplace?

Local Legend Films is building a trauma-informed startup and providing holistic employment to young Chicagoans at-risk from gun violence. A major component of this company culture is restorative justice, a radical, non-punitive approach to communal accountability.

Join Local Legend Films founder Jayme Joyce, restorative justice practitioner Mashaun Ali Hendricks, and LLF employees for an interactive discussion about this model.

Audience members will hear these young people talk about the challenges they face in their North Lawndale neighborhoods and the impact on their full-time jobs at this downtown workplace.

We’ll discuss issues from restorative justice practices to how sociopolitical trauma manifests in the workplace, from common workplace issues to how big business can cultivate their precious human resources. Then, you can participate in an interactive restorative justice workshop, envisioning your version of an ideal company culture.

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