Mar 23rd 2019

Onion City: Giving & Taking & Losing & Listening

@ Chicago Filmmakers

5720 N Ridge Ave, Chicago, IL 60660

Opening Saturday, March 23rd, from 8PM - 9:30PM

On view through Sunday, March 24th

Dealing with grief, depression, unconditional love, and familial ties, this program unpacks what it means to care for each other while caring for ourselves.

Featuring work by the following artists: Oli Rodriguez, Victoria Stob, Shala Miller, Saif Alsaegh, and Sally Lawton.

LYNDALE documents the family dynamics and the crushing expectations of masculinity over the course of one brother’s declining mental health and the other’s gender transition.
Oli Rodriguez & Victoria Stob

A Vessel For the Language of Survival: A Study of Me and My Mother’s Blood
Shala Miller
Scratches ranging in size and color, found sometimes with and sometimes without blood, trigger an ethnographic study of the relationship between Miller and her mother. Exploring ideas of trauma being passed in the blood, Miller situates herself as passenger in the voyage to not only self-discovery, but also to black womanhood.

Saif Alsaegh
1991 revolves around a conversation between the filmmaker, an Iraqi asylum-seeker living in the US, and his mother Bushra Alsaegh, an Iraqi immigrant living in Turkey while she awaits approval to immigrate to the US. 1991 navigates the distance between them.

Tolerance Radiant
Sally Lawton
Landscapes of lost success reflect the language of absolutions and imperfect memory. A father’s ruminations on movements and lapses are heard chronologically while his son quietly reenacts glimpses of youth.

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