Mar 16th 2019

In Moby Dick—Rehearsed, the members of a Shakespearean company rehearsing King Lear are suddenly instructed by their director to put down their Lear sides and take up those of a new play entitled Moby Dick. As the play progresses, the rehearsal becomes a full-scale production, with the cast sailing through storms and experiencing various tribulations on the hunt for the white whale.

Join us for a staged reading of Welles’s play by actors from the Shakespeare Project of Chicago. The reading is part of the Newberry’s programming in connection with the exhibition Melville: Finding America at Sea. Free and open to the public, Melville: Finding America at Sea runs from January 18 through April 6, 2019 and is sponsored by Elizabeth Amy Liebman and the Gladys Kriebel Delmas Foundation.

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