Mar 14th 2019

Languages of Ancient and Medieval Nubia: Adaptation and Innovation (2 weeks)
Thursdays, Mar 7–14, 5:30–7:30pm in Oriental Institute 210 and Online
Instructors: Brian Muhs (associate professor of Egyptology) and Tasha Vorderstrasse (PhD, University
and Continuing Education Program coordinator and research associate)

The languages of ancient and medieval Nubia remain an understudied field as scholars still work to translate texts, understand grammar, and better understand the rich corpus of materials that continue to be excavated. This two-week class will provide an overview of the two local languages (Meroitic and Old Nubian) of ancient and medieval Nubia and how they adapted writing systems in use in Egypt as their own. At the end of the course, students will have an overview of what is known about Meroitic and Old Nubian and how to access further resources.

General $98, members $78, University of Chicago students (UChicago Arts Pass) $24

Registration required by Feb 28, 2019

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