Mar 20th 2019

Your personal narrative is a powerful tool. We can dismantle the ‘other’ when we trust ourselves with our own stories and are willing to take them into vulnerable spaces.

We will produce a collaborative project through simple zine making in the mediums of photography and writing. Attendees will be asked to participate by engaging with their individual experience and paralleling that with others’ encounters. Through this intimate and investigative process, we delve into kinship and community. Together, we can further understand our current condition through this intersectional workshop.

Join HOMIE HOUSE PRESS and LATITUDE Chicago for this interactive workshop event on March 20 from 6pm-9pm.

Although this is a free workshop, space is currently limited to 10 participants.

About the instructor, Adriana Yvette Monsalve:
Adriana is a storyteller and visual communicator that produces in-depth stories on identity through the nuances in between. As a daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean Republic of Colombia, she has struggled with the concept of ‘home’. She believes that as immigrants, we are everywhere and we have to belong somewhere so we’ve made habitats for ourselves in pocket towns of people like us. She is documenting to show you something she’s found and ultimately, something she is. She is documenting so you know she was here.

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