Mar 13th 2019

The event will be at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a part of the Graduate Talk Series for the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation Department. The 3 graduate students will be lecturing on their artistic practice as they work within time-based mediums.

Sera Chen– 4:15pm
Wanbli Gamache– 4:45pm
Anneli Goeller– 5:15pm

It will be hosted in the screening room in Maclean 1307

Persons with disabilities requesting accommodations should visit

Sera Chen, Taiwanese, lives in Chicago.
A maker of disoriented perceptions for a new encounter.

Mainly working in photography and video installation, and much of her works involve various topics including social issue, epistemology, constructed naturalness and cultural identification, trying to destabilize a rigid ideology about these subjects and expose the post-colonialism images and implications, which has been hidden in our society in various ways. She attempts to translate the imperceptibility of the certain phenomenon in our life and society to viewers to open a reflective conversation as well as decentralize an authoritative ideology by the dominant system.

She constantly explores the capabilities and possibilities of video art, which are beyond its traditional methodology. Also, employing video installation, she unpacks the limitation of the nature of video art to make it own its autonomy and contingency, ontologically. Her purpose of art making is not only about seeing and watching but perception, rethinking, and reflection.

Wanbli Gamache is currently pursuing an MFA in the Film,Video, New Media, and Animation Department at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. She is a transwoman artist from the southern regions of the the United States.

Augmenting conditions of authorship and intimacy, I make work that encompasses the seductive and the alienating legibility of trans-erotic dialogues. My work interrogates trans* media representation and provokes the erotic image through spectacle and lived experience. Using an interdisciplinary practice through performance, language, video projection, objects, and installations I combine counter-narratives that evolve from the spectacle. I transmit disembodied voices through a penetrative force of the green screen. I solidify my autonomy through directed voice to challenge self-analysis. I confront you the viewer and invoke empathetic responses when I sit in front of you. The audibility of my own lived experiences pull me to encompass contracts on intersections of desire, reflection, and constant excavation of the body as author. I seek to complicate the seductive, give voice to the alienated, and re-purpose the spectacle to embody a new authorship in a non-linear excavation of the self.

Anneli Goeller is an artist who uses 3D simulation and artificial intelligence to speculate that the creation of algorithmic selves expands the concept of personhood. Their work seeks to define queer narratives within the digital realm and propose the potential of digital world simulations in expanding identity and individuality via data ownership. The self-image unveils the often blind but willful nature of self-presentation on the Internet. Digital web presence is more permanent than physical presence, yet megacorporations dominate Internet spaces and citizens have less possibilities of customizing their personhood. Using nostalgic platforms as a model for their capacity for personalization, this work aims to reclaim methods of web customization utilizing contemporary tools such as 3D modeling software, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Goeller has been exhibited internationally at institutions such as the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center in New York, Peripheral Forms in Portland, Lithium Gallery in Chicago as well as the Palazzo dei Cartelloni in Florence. In virtual space their work has been featured in The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale and The Universal Sea.

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