Mar 31st 2019

CommUNITY Café: Celebrating The Sacred Cypher
The hip-hop cypher -an artistic explosion of storytelling, inspiration and healing- has inspired IMAN’s Arts & Culture programming from our inception. Literally a circle, the cypher levels the playing field of all who form it. In communal spaces, circles have facilitated peaceful dialogue and meaningful exchange. Spiritual traditions encourage similar circles of Divine remembrance. Connecting us to one another in ways that transcend time, space and the divisive forces of our modern day, the sacred cypher calls us to higher, more inspired and liberated ways of being.

The “Celebrating the Sacred Cypher” series will feature artists from various genres who invoke that history and spirit in their art. Additionally, our Sacred Cypher Creatives will lead week-long residencies connected to each CommUNITY Café, that will foster deep engagement and provide learning exchanges between artists and community members in the form of workshops, town hall panels, and pop-up performances.

Performances by
Maimouna Youssef

K-Love The Poet

Zeshan B

Co-Hosted by
Authentic Aseelah


DJed by
DJ Moz Def

Halawa Enterprises

Lawrence & Argyle

Jamila’s Creative Catering Services

Café Hour @ 6:30p
During the pre-show “Café Hour,” audiences are invited to engage IMAN’s ongoing community wellness work, share food, and connect over artistic activities including a live band.

Show @ 7:30p
CommUNITY Café is a live performance experience designed to connect, inspire and organize diverse communities to action

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